Brenna Goldblatt is the stepmother of Lydia Goldblatt and second wife of Gerald Goldblatt. She lives in California. She is the mother of Kyle.


Brenna is very perky and feminine, and Melody especially has hatred over her since she turned Lydia into her 'little princess' and Melody got punished. She does not mind that Lydia dyed her hair unlike Gerald and is usually very kind. She has a permanent smile and wants Lydia very much to like her.


Gerald Goldblatt and Elaine Goldblatt had two daughters- Lydia and Melody. Then Gerald got divorced, and got remarried to a woman named Brenna who lived in Pueblo, Colorado. Then he had two sons with Brenna- Kyle and Cody. Lydia and Melody don't keep in touch with Gerald, but then Melody runs away to Pueblo to Gerald's house before the wedding of Eric and Elaine. Then while the Goldblatt's go to Pueblo, Julie and her parents have to do everything for the wedding.