Della Dawn Giampolo is the leader of the Bichons.

Della Dawn

Della Dawn is a 9th grader (was 8th grader in 2 & 3) who formed a group for popular students her age called the Bichons (named after the dog, Bichon Frise). She is often a big snob along with her friend Jessi Royer. Along with Jessi, she has Charmaine Wyatt and Devon Pape as her Bichon friends. She noticed 6th grade Julie and presented her with a compliment that she pretended to mean. Della Dawn invited Julie to hang with the Bichons (as she had no one else to hang with since Lydia was in London) and later had her become the youngest member after Gretchen addressed her as "the littlest Bichon". However, Della Dawn was very pushy on the younger Bichon. Julie was filled with glee when she left the bigger Bichon to go to London for winter break and get away from the pushiness. One day, Della Dawn invited Julie to Jessi's house for a makeover. Soon, Julie was dressed in a lovely outfit. However, Della Dawn and the 8th grade Bichons had shoplifted it from the store (probably a store in the Robert Frost Mall) in a process they call "five finger discount". Julie desperately tried to hide the "five finger discount" clothes. Soon, Julie had enough and ditched Della Dawn and her friends. When Lydia returned from London, Julie advised her to stay away. However, Lydia didn't listen and ended up being humiliated by her British phrases. Lydia called herself Julie's chum instead of her friend. Devon remarked that chum is something fed to dogs. Jessi called her "Talking Dog Food". Della Dawn stated that she would "never feed that to my dog in a million years" (it is unclear if she really has a dog or she was being sarcastic). Then, when Julie began work on Jonathan's comic book, she felt that Della Dawn would be extremely jealous. When the comic book was delivered to the students. Della Dawn complimented Julie and said that she couldn't believe that Julie made Jane into a troll (the start of the "Jane is Halvor" scandal). When Jon got ticked off at Julie, Della Dawn said she could've told her Jon was a weenie. She is mean towards Jen Mattocks due to her ragged appearance. She often insults others throughout the school year.