Jen Mattocks is a main character in The Popularity Papers. She is the daughter of Dr.Mattocks and has an older brother. She is friends with Lydia Goldblatt, Julie, and Roland Asbjørnsen.

Character History

Jen was born to a wealthy family and learned to ride horses. When Lydia and Julie decide to become philanthropists, they choose to help Jen thinking since she wears ragged clothes to school she is poor, and they misjudge her class in the economy. So, they decide to try to make friends with her, and she growls at them. They learn she likes listening to music and bring Melody's headphones to school. Melody gets mad and punishes them. Jen thinks it is kinda funny and begins to speak to them. Later, Jen is invited to Julie's house, where she is given the clothes the Bichons stole for Julie. She rips it up and creates her main look- her vest.