Jessi Royer is Della Dawn's second in command in the Bichons.

Short Facts about Jessi

  1. is a bit scared of Della Dawn but doesn't express it
  2. likes diet cola
  3. sometimes has a sarcastic tone
  4. wears red glasses
  5. is pale

Jessi's Bio

Jessi Royer hangs with the Bichons and they typically hang at her house. Jessi stores "five finger discount" clothing in her dresser and gave a nice chic tan vest to Julie which made her appear as if she were an older student. Jessi is sarcastic and demanding by saying that Julie is "the total cutest" and telling her to get a diet cola from the vending machine for her. Jessi often repeats the final words of Della Dawn's sentences when they're close by, just like a parrot.