Julie Graham-Chang is the Bolivian-American adoptive daughter of Alex Chang and James Graham, and the best friend of Lydia Goldblatt. She is very good at drawing and art in general.


Book One

Julie and Lydia decide to learn about popular kids, starting with Gretchen. They begin to eavesdrop on the conversations of cool girls at school. They learn that Gretchen has a blonde streak in her hair, and decide that Lydia should get a blonde streak too. Lydia innocently asks Melody how you dye someone's hair, and she replies that you need bleach. Julie and Lydia disagree that sink bleach is the same kind, and Lydia forcefully makes Julie apply it into her hair. Then her hair begins to burn and a huge red bump appears where the patch of hair once was. Julie tries to cheer Lydia up.

She and Lydia also hear Jane and Gretchen talking about boys.They hear the names of Mike Cavelleri and his best friend, Jamie Burke, and Mr Peters, the super nice teacher of Deirde Nutter at the time. They try to study other girls next, like Sukie and Lisa. They notice that both girls are rich, and that Sukie likes to knit. They ask Melody about knitting and she teaches them, but they are very much bad at it. Next they try out for the Field Hockey team, but Lydia's mom says no because she is taking Eskrima. So Julie gets on the team and some girls on the team take the ball from her, but Sukie passed it TO her. They learn alot before they go to Outdoor Ed, when they are forced to deal with Mike.

Halvor and Bichon History

Lydia is moving to England for 6 months, and she and Julie have a sad departure. Julie begins to hang out with the Bichons, because Lydia forcefully made her want to talk to them since they are popular. She is not that comfortable with them, since they are a little rude and only Devon is nice. They make fun of Roland sometimes, and eventually, Della Dawn Giampolo, the Bichon leader, begins to hate Julie since she and Jonathan are working on their art project. Jonathan does nothing and Julie has to do it on her own, but then Roland gives her an idea- she calls her book The Ash Ladies after the Ash Lad, a Norwegian prince who saves three princesses from three three-headed trolls after his two older brothers fail to do so. Before the events of Della Dawn getting mad at them and Jonathan getting mad at them, they create that one of the trolls' head's name is Halvor. Jane sees the picture of Halvor, and thinks it's her, and also, Halvor has lactose intolerance and the theater kids think it's also based off of them and everybody gets mad at them. The girls notice that in the lunch room, in HUGE letters across the wall, it said, 'WITHOUT ROLAND THERE WOULD BE NO HALVOR.' The girls also wrote this in the bathroom stalls, but did not do this and soon find out it was actually Jamie Burke.


Julie is the only child and adoptive daughter of Alex Chang and James Graham. They also have an aptly-named cat named Bad Cat.



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