Roland Asbjørnsen is the son of Matilda Asbjørnsen and Thor Asbjørnsen and the younger brother of Peder Asbjørnsen and Anders Asbjørnsen.


Roland is the son of Matilda Asbjørnsen and Thor Asbjørnsen. He has 2 elder brothers, Peder Asbjørnsen and Anders Asbjørnsen. He also has cousins who live in Norway, where Roland and his family are from.


Elementary Roland

Roland sings a song he wrote to Julie, thinking she is nice to the whole school in spring, and Julie reacts rashly and embarassed, but settle. She doesn't want him to sing the song, but he does and Julie feels touched. Meanwhile, Lydia tries out or the lead female in the role, but Jane gets the part, and Lydia plays the nun.

Roland and Julie

Roland and Julie join the Macrame Owls together, and he learns to play the bass at Lydia's lessons with Maestro Merrett, from his experience with the hardingfele. At the end of their birthday party, Julie and Roland kiss.

A little earlier in the series in Love and Other Fiascos, Roland asks Julie out to a movie, and they agree on a move called Flaklypa Grand Prix, but then Jane makes them go to Drill 4, where there is a kissing seen and he says, I can't move my head (Jeg Kan Ikke) in Norwegian and the kissing scene takes a long time. After the movie ends, Jane and Chuck ask them over to a party with other couples, where Jane and Chuck start a fight and they are forced into the bathroom, where he is sneezing because of the bars of soap, but decides to stay in the bathroom because of the chaos outside.

In the last book, in the scene where Julie tells Roland he is not the new kid, they smile at each other and he says he thinks Julie is saying that because she is his girlfriend, but later that week, Lydia agrees.

General Personality

Roland is very sweet and quiet. He has a lot in common with Julie and is very settle.